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Administration of CPSC or EPA protocol for “CONTROLLED or HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES REQUIRING SPECIAL PACKAGING” under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act as published in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700 such as but not limited to - pharmaceuticals, household, chemicals, automotive fluids, lighters, vitamins, neutraceuticals, veterinary, lawn and garden.

  • Administration of CPSC and EPA protocol

  • Design of packages to differentiate our client

  • Reduce unit cost and improved efficiencies

  • Develop and refine a package to increase safety and effectiveness

  • Resolution of packaging line challenges

  • Respond to customer market and operational needs

  • Create expansion of client's market share

We simply do it better -

  • Cost Effective

  • Shortest Lead Time

  • Thorough and Accurate

  • Transparent

  • Packaging Professional Expertise

  • Wide Availability of Test Candidates

  • Expansive Technical Resources

  • Quickly Assess Pass/Fail Potential

  • Recommend Valid Adjustments Upon Request

  • Design and/or Engineer Modification(s)

  • Define primary package compatibility and barrier needs