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John Bitner has been working side by side with the Consumer Products Safety Commission for over 25 years. This collaboration has been focused on fulfillment of standards defined by the Poison Protection Packaging Act of 1970 per Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700. These standards are to protect the lives of our children while improving the quality of life for seniors. They are also synonymous with foundation and core commitment of Bitner Associates.

The Environmental Protection Agency uses the identical protocol to protect and safeguard human health and environment. It is through the wisdom of experience and technical superiority that we are most qualified to assist our clients in achievement of these virtues.  John Bitner  is recognized by the CPSC and EPA as capable and willing to conduct testing in accordance with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act regulations.

Bitner Associates functions under a highly diversified matrix of technical resources, social services, day care centers, senior centers, and dedicated personnel to retain leadership in the administration of Child Resistant/Senior Friendly evaluations. Our complete involvement and total comprehension of package intricacies, and their impact on a child's behavior, enables immediate and thorough analysis of a client package.